Support Measures Provided for Non-Chinese Speaking Students
Orientation for Pre-S1 NCS students
  • Knowing about the language ability and the learning situation in primary school of Pre-S1 NCS students during the meeting on S1 Registration Day.
  • Organizing 'Summer Bridging Programme on Chinese Language' for Pre-S1 NCS students.
  • Monitoring student performance in Pre-S1 Attainment Test and School-based Chinese Assessment and making appropriate adaptation in the curriculum for Pre-S1 NCS students.
  • Applying the same criteria on class allocation for NCS students with Chinese language ability comparable to mainstream students. Those who need additional support on Chinese language would be allocated to classes using English as medium in more subjects.
Support on learning in Chinese Language
  • Arranging pull-out learning in Chinese Language and Chinese History for those NCS students in need and adopting a school-based Chinese Language curriculum as well as adapted learning and teaching materials.
  • Preparing English learning and assessment materials for NCS students in other subjects using Chinese as medium.
  • Recruiting Teaching Assistant(s) / Supporting Teacher(s) to provide after-lesson support for NCS students and to assist them in learning in Chinese Language.
  • Preparing NCS students to sit in GCSE or IGCSE Chinese in the long term.
  • Participate in the Pilot Project (Learning Community for supporting NCS students in learning Chinese) and gain experiences in promoting cultural integration through extra-curricular activities
Creating an inclusive learning environment
  • Issuing major school circulars and delivering important matters on school webpage in bilingual mode.
  • Organizing fun activities for NCS students to strengthen their understanding towards Hongkong lifestyle and Chinese culture and history as well as to promote cultural integration in school.
Promoting home-school cooperation with parents of NCS students
  • Arranging Parents' Gatherings to deliver information on school policies as well as further studies and career pursuits for their children.
  • Discussing the learning progress of NCS students with their parents on a regular basis.
  • Our Indian English teacher is able to communicate with parents in Urdu, and he also takes on the role of counselling non-Chinese students in their career planning.

School Support Summary 2022-23