Language Policy

Creating an English-rich environment is our top priority. With this target, we strive to create a motivating language learning environment to help our students achieve those competencies.English Speaking Day including English morning assembly and English co-curricular activities is held every cycle to enhance students' confidence to interact with others in English.  In junior forms, English is adopted as the medium of instruction for core subjects in all classes, while extended English learning activities are carried out for other subjects. Various after-school English classes are also provided, ranging from English Enrichment Programs to English recitation practices. To improve students’ Chinese proficiency, drama education and Classical Chinese are integrated into the curriculum. To promote students’ biliteracy and trilingualism, study tours are organized with schools in Mainland and various countries.

In our Junior Secondary Level, English Medium of Instruction (EMI) is implemented in Life and Society and Science subjects in all S1 classes. EMI is extended to Mathematics and Science in S.2 and S.3. To further strengthen students' exposure to English in all S.1-3 classes, extended English learning activities are arranged during lesson time in quite a number of subjects, including Mathematics, Science, Life and Society, World History, Geography, Ethics & Religious Education, Computer Literacy, Home Economics, Music and Visual Arts.

In light of the continuous improvement of our student's English proficiency, starting from 2021, Science subjects of the senior levels (including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information Technology and Communication and Mathematics Extended Part 1) have been taught in English. To bridge the gap between secondary school and university, we also offer classes adopting English as the MOI in Mathematics, Geography, Economics, and Business, Accounting and Financial Studies.