Life Planning

 A comprehensive CLP curriculum is implemented across all forms. Elements of CLP education is incorporated during class teacher periods, assemblies, and visits to enable students to make informed choices for further studies. In light of the vast majority of our students opting for furthering their education after secondary school, the Life Planning and Academic Guidance Team has assisted them in planning further studies according to their abilities and aspirations. Specifically, the Overseas Education Department has aided students interested in overseas studies by providing them with detailed information regarding education pathways in Europe, America and Japan.

Our school has taken part in numerous, career-related activities and partnered with various business organisations, namely the HKGCC, the Big Education Platform, the HKUAA, the HKSH, TWGHs Jockey Club Lei Tung Integrated Services Centre, and the AKA. Students get immense opportunities to participate in activities and learn from the professionals.