Students’ Development
Loving care, wholehearted support and encouragement from both teachers and parents is essential to students’ all-rounded development. Active student-teacher interaction and a "whole school approach” create a harmonious learning environment at school. The “Student Support Services” which involve the Student Guidance Team, Disciplinary Team, Religious Formation Team, Moral and Civic Education Team, Co-curricular Activities Team, Career Guidance Team, Students’ Health Care Team and Students’ Learning Support Team offer a series of thoughtfully designed programmes and activities to nurture students’ refined personality, help them to develop a positive outlook towards life, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind with good moral values.

Class Management
There are two class teachers for most classes. Being in the frontline, the two class teachers work collaboratively to accommodate the needs of every individual in class. Not only do they provide academic advice to students but also guide them to handle relationship and emotional issues.

To address the specific needs of students at different stages of their teenage life, various kinds of tailor-made programmes and experiential activities are designed in junior and senior secondary levels.

S.1 Summer Bridging Course and Talent Exploration Camp
In order to bridge the gap between primary and secondary school, S.1 summer bridging course and day camp are organized in late August and early September. This provides an avenue for incoming S.1s to acquire a deeper understanding of their class teachers and classmates so as to cultivate a warm and friendly learning environment and to strengthen the students’ sense of belonging to the school. In the middle of the term, the activities held aim at inspiring students to build their self-confidence, set goals and establish a spirit of friendship as well as cooperation with peers. It is expected that students' self-image will be strengthened through systematic experiential learning and be able to enjoy campus life as soon as possible.

Pui Tak Guardian Association
Pui Tak Guardian Association was established in 2019. S.3 – S.6 students who have a strong sense of duty and commitment are recruited to be Pui Tak Guardians. These Guardians assist different teams in carrying out their activities and take care of their S.1 – S.3 sisters. Through peer support, Pui Tak Guardians cultivate a spirit of sisterhood and partnership at school.

Youth Leadership Training
Students who demonstrate leadership potentialities are offered opportunities for systematic leadership training. Through a well-structured programme, students’ self-confidence, communication, cooperation and problem-solving skills are enhanced, eventually preparing them to be leaders of tomorrow.