Whole Person Development
The school has formulated shared vision and explicit long and short term goals regarding its support for student development in accordance with the school goals, students' needs as well as expectations of students. Taking a "whole school approach" to student support, the school has formulated specific work programmes and cross-services collaborative plans for the "student support services" with a view to providing students with diversified and balanced activities.

Class Management
We have two class teachers in each class, from S.1 to S.4. Through collaboration between the two, we can attend to students', helping them to face academic studies, community life and emotional problems.

To tailor for the specific needs of students at different stages, each form has its own development programmes and experiential activities.

"I Can Fly" and "Adventure-based Training Programme"
"I can flly" is a 2 Days Programme held in August to help our S.1 new comers face a new learning phrase, before the commencement of a new school year. By which, we facilitate a chance for the S.1 students to get familiar with their class teachers, classmates, school culture, daily routine and other facilities.

Other than creating a positive classroom culture, we try to lay out a good foundation for learning in the new school year with a specially designed "Adventure-based Training Camp" and a series of "Training on School Campus". Through systematic experiential learning, we try to increase our students' confidence, and help them to become more motivated in learning.

"Student Mentorship Scheme" Programme
To help S.1 students to adapt to a new learning environment, we have participated in the "Student Mentorship Scheme", organized by the Western Division of Hong Kong Police Force. Students with a good sense of responsibility from Senior Secondary level are recruited and get trained, who are then divided into groups to take care of all S.1 students. Together we try to build up a safe and orderly school environment and a spirit of brotherhood.

"Youth Leadership Training Program"
We offer systematic training for students who show leadership potential. Through a well-designed program, we hope to enhance their confidence, collaboration and problem solving abilities.