It is our vision that our graduates should have good command of written Chinese and English, and can speak fluent Cantonese, Putonghua and English. We seek to create a motivating language learning environment through organizing a rich array of English / Putonghua related activities and promoting reading. The Language Across Curriculum Committee actively promotes learning in English and creates a language rich environment through cross-curriculum collaboration.

To achieve the aims of education for the 21st Century, our priorities accord to enabling our students to enjoy learning, enhance their effectiveness in communication, and develop their creativity and sense of commitment.

In S.1-2, we have included drama as part of the language curriculum and have strengthened the development of gifted education in Mathematics and science subjects to fully explore and develop the potentials of students. Meanwhile, we pay equal attention to the development of other subjects and are willing to invest resources on the curriculum reform of those subjects. In recent years, we will keep on perfecting our teaching strategies and launching diversified teaching such as cooperative learning and self-directed learning. 

In our school timetable, there is a "Reflection Period" designed to boost the active learning of the students. A wide range of co-curricular activities are also provided to broaden the horizons of our students; for instance, the Drama Festival, Music Festival, Dance Festival, Culture Day, Joint-school Liberal Studies Forum, Life-wide Learning Day, Outbound Cultural Exchange

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum covering eight key learning areas, and with more emphasis on Chinese, English and Mathematics. We also put emphasis on interface between Senior and Junior Secondary levels. By which, we try to match our students' interests, abilities and career plans. We also take into consideration their learning preferences and strength in different subjects. In the New Senior Secondary School Curriculum, besides core subjects, there are about eleven others available as elective subjects, from which students can choose according to their aptitude.

Our school applies Information Technology in all aspects to promote interactive learning, students' searching for information purposefully outside classroom, understanding in course content and integrated skills. Subject teachers make use of different e-learning platforms for students to conduct self-directed learning, submit completed homework and have interactive discussion.

To encourage students to read, we have set up an Extensive Reading Reward Scheme, we have allotted time in class schedule as "Reading Session", to develop an individual reading interest and a regular reading habit.

We keep small class size in teaching the four core subjects, Chinese, English, Mathematics and Liberal Studies, and offer tuitions after school to help those with different learning needs. School-based curriculums are designed according to students' abilities and needs.

We put strong emphasis on the quality and quantity of homework and effective marking by our teachers. Homework guideline is provided for each subject. Assignment inspections will be conducted every school year to evaluate students' learning progress and standards, which also allow teachers to develop and employ more effective teaching strategies in class.