Religious Formation
"To make Jesus known and loved" is the mission of our sponsoring body, Canossian Daughters of Charity, and our focus in religious formation. Apart from formal curriculum, our Religious Formation Team, which offers various religious activities and services, is dedicated to whole person development, especially on the spiritual side.

The religious formation in our school is roughly divided into two main categories:

Whole School Spiritual Formation
♦ Morning Assembly Sharing

We start our school day with prayers. On Days 2, our Catholic teachers and students will share their faith with the whole school. In the love of God, we wish to encourage all Pui Takians to be thankful, respect and cherish life.

♦ Religious Activities

We organize religious activities and liturgies for the whole school, through prayers, drama, gatherings and celebrations, teachers and students alike reflect on life and praise God. Our activities include:

School Opening Mass
Advent Liturgy
Christmas Celebration
Lenten Liturgy
S.6 Thanksgiving Liturgy
Foundress Day
Thanksgiving Liturgy

Small Cell Groups
♦ "Catholic Society"

“Catholic Society”is founded for the spiritual formation of our catholic students. Non-Catholic students are welcome as well.

♦ “Secret Angels”

By mutual acceptance and cooperation, our Secret Angels get themselves prepared for taking challenges. Through prayers and acts of love, they help to build up a positive school culture and create a caring environment on campus.