Principal's Message

Reflections on S1 Admission

Principal Susanna Wong


Our colleagues have been busy with the work of the S1 admission for the past few days. Young and vibrant teachers have put in their utmost effort to open doors to the future for our students, which has filled me with hope for the bright future of our school. Having personally gone through the process of S1 central allocation in the past, as a parent, I am well aware of the struggles and sorrows involved. Although my youngest child has already graduated from university this year, parents and Primary 6 are still facing the same challenges today, striving hard for a coveted place in school. However, I am confident that children need not just a "school place" but an "opportunity" to unleash their potential.

Recently, there has been a stream of good news from the STEM Team. Our students have won several information technology competitions and emerged as Champions. I am delighted with their achievement. What makes me even happier is the fact that our teachers have allowed the students to participate in these competitions. I am proud of their self-directed learning and growth, which is the fruit of our teachers' interaction and friendship. We have never hired renowned instructors to help our students; everything results from the joint effort of students and teachers. A single award cannot prove this achievement, as the experience is already embedded deep in the hearts of our students and can help them build confidence and self-esteem. This makes me most proud, so I never pay too much attention to what competitions the students have participated in or what awards they have won, nor do I overemphasize these victories to promote the school. For me, true education is about giving children an "Opportunity."

I know that we are not a traditional prestigious school and may not receive the approval of all parents. However, I firmly believe that all students who enter Pui Tak will not only be able to grow in the STEM field but also in their personal development journey. Whenever I interview transfer students, what makes me most heartbroken is seeing some children who have had unhappy experiences at other schools, lost their confidence, and are unable to unleash their potential, possibly even suffering from depression. Even if we cannot admit these students due to subject mismatches or insufficient school quotas, I am willing to spend time talking to parents about how to help these children. As an educator, I believe that all young people are our objects of care and love, regardless of where they come from or their background. At this moment, I cannot help but ask parents, why didn't you think about your child's needs clearly when choosing a school? For flowers to bloom in vibrant colours, the soil must be suitable for them. Without good soil, flowers will only wither rapidly. Isn't it a pity?

My dear Puitakians, you are like my own daughters. Even if you go in the wrong direction on your learning journey, I, as your principal, will think of you. If you go wrong, I will scold you loudly out of a heart of love and responsibility; if you do well, I will silently stand behind the teacher and cheer you on. I wholeheartedly believe that good education is not built on fame and fortune. Children with character will naturally become good people, knowing how to plan for their own future. All sixth-graders, there are many conditional offers of admission in your hands, this is not just by chance, but it is what our teachers have prepared for you. However, whether you can succeed ultimately depends on whether you can unleash your potential with all your might. All the first-year students who come to Pui Tak, what hopes do you have for your future? Don't underestimate yourself, or let others underestimate you. Show your strength and strive for learning opportunities in the next few years.

There is an English proverb that goes, "Actions speak louder than words." The road ahead is long, and we must rely on our strength to succeed. I sincerely hope that all Puitakians will forget the pain of your growth and move forward with determination. I also wish all coming S1 students a happy and enjoyable learning experience at Pui Tak and all S6 girls a successful result in the DSE. May God bless you all!