House Members
There are 4 Houses in our school, i.e., Violet House, Green House, Red House and Yellow House. All teachers and students have been assigned to different Houses, aiming at strengthening the ties among students regardless of forms, and building a supportive, friendly and collaborative school environment. House Captains, being part of the Students' Council, are elected at the beginning of every school year. Through organizing inter-house activities, students' leadership ability can be nurtured.

Inter-house Competition
Each year, our Students' Council organises various inter-house competitions, like Swimming Gala, Sports Day, Cheering Team Contest, Dodgeball Competition etc. House members engage themselves wholeheartedly in every event to gain house scores for their own House so that by the end of the school year, they can compete for the Champion House of the Year. Through different House activities, Pui Tak students build a strong sense of belonging and thrive on their team spirit.