We encourage our students to make good use of their spare time by participating in various co-curricular activities, through which they can cultivate hobbies, realise their potential and build team spirit. As for extra-curricular activities, apart from the school picnic, Christmas celebration and post-exam activities, there are also a variety of school societies for our students to join according to her individual preference and aptitude.

One Person, One Activity Policy
We have over 30 school societies, covering a wide variety of interests like sports, performing arts, uniform groups, interest clubs, community services and academic clubs. In hopes of enriching students’ Other Learning Experience (OLE), we have implemented the One Person, One Activity Policy, which requires S.1-S.4 students to get involved in at least one school society.

Besides, we encourage students to take part in all kinds of inter-school competitions. For academic activities, Pui Tak students participate in different public speaking, debate, and robot programming competitions; on the other hand, they enjoy themselves in Music Festival, Drama Festival, dancing and movie-making competitions. Meanwhile, our students shine on the sports field in inter-school sports competitions. Through all these competitions and events, students can seize every learning opportunity and gain precious experience.

An Overview of Co-curricular Activities
Sports Activities
⊚ Athletic Team
⊚ Basketball Team
⊚ Bowling Club
⊚ Badminton Club
⊚ Rugby Team
⊚ Volleyball Team
Performing Arts
⊚ Band Training
⊚ Chinese Dance Team
⊚ School Choir
⊚ Drums in Move Drumming Project
⊚ Pui Tak Drama Club
⊚ English Drama Club
⊚ Harmonica Team
⊚ Hand Chime Team
⊚ Jazz Dance Team
⊚ Campus TV
Uniform Groups
⊚ HK Air Cadet Corps
⊚ Civil Aid Service Cadet Corps
⊚ Girl Guides
⊚ HK Red Cross Youth
⊚ Catholic Society
⊚ English Debate Club
⊚ Mindset Society
⊚ English Public Speaking
⊚ Board Game Club
⊚ Creative Arts
⊚ Food Technology Club
⊚ E-Game Society
⊚ Bridge Club
⊚ Hair Styling and Make-up
⊚ Special Effect Make-up
⊚ Photography Team
⊚ STEM Club
⊚ Mindfulness
⊚ Interact Club
⊚ Secret Angels
⊚ Pui Tak Volunteer Team