Application for S.1 Places Admission in September 2019


Learning and Teaching 學與教
✯ Medium of Instruction Policy 語文政策
    Offer 2 EMI classes (will be expanded to 3 if necessary)
✯ Language-rich English learning environment:
    festivities, daily English activities, inter-class competitions, inter-school competitions

✯ Self-directed learning 自主學習
✯ Activity-based learning 活動教學
✯ E-learning 電子學習
✯ STEM Education STEM 教育

Pastoral Care 學生成長支援
✯ S1 Discovery Day Camp 探索潛能日營
✯ S1 Shaolin Education Camp 少林武術營
Multiple Intelligence Activities 多元智能活動
✯ Activities that appeal to multiple intelligences and enhance students' confidence
✯ Dozens of school clubs and school teams 接近四十個課外活動小組及校隊
✯ A wide array of other learning experiences: 超過一百個不同類型的活動,包括
    Voluntary Service 義工服務
    Fun Fairs and Charity Bazaars 大型慈善活動
    Open Days大型開放日
    Community Participation 社區參與
    Business-School Partnership Programme 商校合作計劃
    Visits and outings 參觀及出外探訪

Application for S.2-S.4
Places Admission
in September 2019
Application Period :
From now to 15 July 2019 (Monday).
Application Procedures:
Application Form can be obtained through the following ways:
From our School Office
   (Office hours:   Monday to Friday :  8:00am - 5:00pm; Saturday : 8:30am - 11:45am)
By mail with stamped return envelope or
Download from our website.        

The following documents should be returned to the School Office in person, the latest by 15 July 2019:
Completed application form
Photocopy of Hong Kong Identity Card
Photocopies of School Reports of recent two years
Photocopies of certificates from extra-curricular activities, service and achievements (if applicable )
Photocopy of the Catholic Certificate of Baptism of the applicant (applicable to Catholics)
One self-addressed and stamped envelope ($2)

Interviews will be arranged for selected applicants who will be notified the time of the interview before 19 July 2019.